New Zealand


When you arrive in Auckland, New Zealand from your International flight it's like arriving home. Before you even go through Customs, New Zealanders are welcoming you with a hot cup of tea right there in the terminal while you wait to speak with Immigration. What wonderful, friendly people.

Although the "Kiwi" has been associated with New Zealand as the national bird; the one that is in most abundance is the "Kea". From the parrot family; the Kea is know as the smartest bird in the world. They are everywhere in New Zealand and you will be amazed and their size.

Tour the South Island or the North; or take a tour of both by cruiseship or land tour. There are pristine mountains everywhere, lakes and forests. Or get up close with the glaciers. Visit a Sheep Ranch and watch how the sheep are sheared. Or Bungee Jump from the home of the original Bungee site. Being in New Zealand is like being in the 1950's with its slow and friendly pace. Once you’ve been there you can hardly wait to return.


A sampling of offers visiting New Zealand
New Zealand, 13 Nights
13 nights starting at $1,899.00
+ $258.57 taxes/fees
from Cunard Line
available 2/14/2023 - 2/27/2023
Viking World Cruise
137 nights starting at $60,995.00
from Viking Ocean Cruises
available 12/23/2023 - 5/8/2024
Transpacific Cruise
18 nights starting at $1,514.00
+ $208.14 taxes/fees
from Royal Caribbean International
available 4/13/2024 - 4/30/2024