Peru is a fascinating mix of very old and modern.

Sometime in a lifetime of travel, there is a trip that is permantly burned in your memory, never ever to be forgotten. This is my trip to Peru. Come with me as we take this journey.

We landed in Lima from Miami about 2 AM and were taken to the most beautiful hotel I had ever stayed in. We were given 2 hours to shower and meet in the lobby as we had to begin our journey right then. In 3 days there was to be a nationwide strike of all transportation and we had to get to Machu Picchu before it happened.

We flew to Arequipa for 2 nights. Lunch was at the Santa Catalina Covenant and city tours. Now we fly to Cuzco at 12, 000 ft. above sea level. Now we start drinking coca tea. It is easy to get altitude sickness here.

The next day we board the train to Machu-Picchu with our 3 night stay at the Machu-Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Because we are with a tour company who has an office in Lima, we have been taken care of with 3 nights at this hotel. We were only scheduled for 1 night. We saw people sleeping on the ground, in the train station and everywhere. They had booked their trip with a company who did not have this inside knowledge. We were thankful to have great accommodations.

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