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Meet the Cruise & Tour Planners Agents:


Sharon Emerson
Sharon Emerson has been in the travel business since 1994. Sharon has a CTC certification, an ECC certification and a DS certification.

Having an Uncle who traveled the world and took me to interesting places, sparked this interest. Even in grade school I would sneak into a local hotel on my way home from school and take the brochures from the rack in the lobby. I thought I was stealing and I can still see the dark wood and the dim lights of the lobby. Then I made scrapbooks of every state in the Union and every capital of those states
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Traci Lewis
I give the most exceptional service helping you plan with ease the trip of a lifetime or a business venture. I have acquired my CTA (Certified Travel Agent) and am a destination specialist for North America.

As a professional one of my greatest personal accomplishments in the past 5 years is being a Graduate of "Disney College of Knowledge". A few of my favorite personal ventures my family and I have traveled to are Disneyland and DisneyWorld, and have visited Canada, and locations from California to Florida in the USA. Your time is valuable and you deserve a professional to get you the information you need to make your trip valuable. Please call today and let me make your trip exceptional!
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Jeanne Barry
Jeanne has been a Travel Consultant since 1995. She earned her ACC accreditation as a Cruise Specialist through Cruise Lines International; aka "CLIA"! She worked six years for Royal Caribbean International and is familiar with all the cruise lines and has sailed on, or inspected many of their ships. In addition she has earned individual specialist status with Royal Caribbean International, and Princess Cruises.[ Learn more about Jeanne Barry ]


Gloria Nordmark
I am the owner of Sea n Sand Vacations home based travel agency. I am a member of CLIA, NACTA, HBTA, APTA and NAPW. I specialize in cruise and resort planning, but would happily assist with the vacation of your dreams whether it is by land or by sea.  I love working with groups!

I am a retired psychiatric therapist with a lifelong passion for travel, and a wealth of both land and cruise travel experience. As a therapist, I incorporated my love of travel into my stress management groups using visual imagery to help my clients vicariously take relaxing vacations to beautiful destinations around the world. They loved it! My professional background and travel experience makes me your best choice for meaningful and stress free vacation planning.

During childhood, I loved to visit airports to watch jet planes taking off and landing. This inspired a lifelong passion for travel. During my teens I was a cultural exchange student living in Nice France on the French Riviera. What a thrill it was to travel around Europe and Great Britain! I later became a Stewardess for an international airline, and had the time of my life visiting almost every country in the world. My claim to fame is working as the lead Stewardess on the flight that carried the last group of US soldiers out of Vietnam on March 29th, 1973.
In 1998 I planned a wedding for my daughter on a Caribbean cruise. That’s when I became hooked on cruising. I've cruised every year on several different cruise lines, and have enjoyed itineraries in Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Panama Canal. As your travel consultant, I will utilize my knowledge of the travel industry, and my wealth of travel experience, to help make YOUR travel dreams come true.

You can find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  I am currently enrolled in the CLIA Academy for ACC certification.  I'm a Marriott Hotel Excellence graduate, and I am currently working on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line & Princess Cruise Line specialist programs. [ Learn more about Gloria Nordmark ]



Tim Russ
I am a waterman - love the beaches, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, and all that goes with it. I love to try new things and work out details to make my client's quests for adventure become exciting realities. Sky diving, hang gliding, and more just seem to be great escapes! [ Learn more about Tim Russ ]




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