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From Shanghai to Beijing and all along the Yangtze River; China will have you steeped in ancient history the likes of which you've never experienced before.

The Terra Cotta Soldiers in the city of Xian will engulf you in ancient truths. It is still being excavated today revealing more of all its hidden secrets.

The newly completed "Three Gorges Dam" on the Yangtze is mind boggling. Take a cruise along the Yangtze to experience the Dam itself in conjunction with your land tour. You will visit the towns and cities along the way to where most tourists don't travel. You will be amazed at the high mountain vistas on day trips from your cruise ship where you will literally be above the clouds.

Quite astounding is the sight of the lesser known memorial of "Sun Yat Sen". Where the Chinese people themselves visit on special holidays much like a pilgrimage.

The "Great Wall" of China stretches for miles and miles and can be reached with a short drive outside of Beijing. It will envelope you with its amazing mystique and have you in awe. Many Chinese People have never met or seen someone from the Western World and they will be as curious to know about you as you are of them.

Plan in advance 'cause visas are required to enter the country.

The food is mysterious, with countless dishes made from tea and enjoy the Peking Duck. Drink the tea, drink the beer, but don’t drink the water.

China will capture you with its ancient traditions. It will be one of the most memorable trips you will ever experience.

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