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Gloria Nordmark


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Gloria is currently in the process of starting a home based travel agency, and actively pursuing a Cruise Counsellor Accreditation. She is a member of Cruise Lines International Association, Home Based Travel Agency Network, and National Association of Career Travel Agents. Gloria's plans to specialize in cruise and resort planning, but would happily assist with the vacation of your dreams whether it is by land or by sea. She looks forward to becoming certified as a specialist with many of her favorite cruise lines and resorts. Gloria is a new travel consultant, but she is certainly not new to travel. Please read more about Gloria’s travel experience.

My name is Gloria, and you can call me your friendly relaxation/travel counselor. I'm a retired psychiatric therapist with a lifelong passion for travel, and a wealth of both land and cruise travel experience. As a therapist, I incorporated my love of travel into my stress management groups. One of my favorite things was to teach meditation using visual imagery to help my clients vicariously take relaxing vacations to beautiful destinations around the world. They loved it, and it was the most popular group in the clinic!

As a child, I loved to visit airports to watch jet planes taking off and landing. As I watched, I would get a feeling like my feet weren't touching the ground, and I was floating on air. I loved the smell of jet fuel, and got excited by the roar of the engines as I pictured myself in the pilot seat flying those majestic planes to exotic places around the world. Unfortunately, pictures can fall from walls, as did mine due to societal norms that did not permit females into the field in those days. But that didn't stop me; I just found other ways of fulfill my dreams of travel.

During my teens I was a cultural exchange student living in Nice France on the French Riviera. What a thrill it was to travel around Europe and Great Britain! I later became a Stewardess for an international airline, and had the time of my life visiting almost every country in the world. Some of my favorite European travel experiences were in Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales. Many of my flights took me to Asia visiting exotic places like China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. My claim to fame is working as the lead Stewardess on the flight that carried the last group of US soldiers out of Vietnam on March 29th, 1973. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday which just happened to fall on that day.

I have also travelled extensively throughout the United States as most of our international flights originated out of US cities. My husband’s military career took us to many US destinations as well. In 1998 I planned a wedding for my daughter on a cruise travelling to the Eastern Caribbean. Our group had a blast, and that’s when I became hooked on cruising. My husband and I have cruised every year, on several different cruise lines, and have enjoyed itineraries in Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Panama Canal. We look forward to many more exciting experiences at both domestic and international destinations. As your travel consultant, I hope to utilize my knowledge of the travel industry, and my wealth of travel experience, to help make YOUR travel dreams come true.