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Jeanne Barry


Phone: 541-688-5057

Jeanne in China

Jeanne has been a Travel Consultant since 1995. She earned her ACC accreditation as a Cruise Specialist through Cruise Lines International; aka "CLIA"! She worked six years for Royal Caribbean International and is familiar with all the cruise lines and has sailed on, or inspected many of their ships. In addition she has earned individual specialist status with Royal Caribbean International, and Princess Cruises.

Jeanne's travels have taken her throughout Europe, (including England, Scotland, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Austria & Hungary). The South Pacific is one of her favorite places and her adventures to this region have included Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & Tahiti. She has also been to China and Mexico and travelled all across Canada. She is fluent in Hungarian and is able to converse in French.

In working with the tourism bureau of several countries, Jeanne has attained Destination Specialist status as an Aussie Specialist, New Zealand’s Kiwi Specialist; Tahiti Tiare, Fiji Matai; Scotland and Ireland.

Last but certainly not least, Jeanne's travels have taken her all over the U.S.A. and she enjoys sending her clients to some of America's favorite playgrounds such as Disneyland, Las Vegas & Hawaii.

Here are just a few of her certifications:

ACC (Accredited Cruise Counselor) certification

Here are just a few of Jeanne Barry's DS (Destination Specialist) certifications:

DS (Destination Specialist). This is a multifaceted program for various destinations in the world and is an ongoing training.

Aussie Specialist:

Fiji Specialist:

Ireland Specialist:

To become an Ireland Specialist, an agent must complete several courses to prove their extensive knowledge of Ireland.

New Zealand Kiwi Specialist:

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Tahiti Specialist:

A Tahiti Tiare agent has a wide variety of knowledge about this exotic group of islands. A Tahiti specialist can quickly tell you facts like: "It takes under 8 hours to fly to Tahiti from Los Angeles", "The time difference between Tahiti and the West coast is only 2 hours". If you want your "trip of a lifetime" to be memorable, a Tahiti Specialist can help.

Scotland Specialist: