Copper Canyon, Mexico


Mexico's Copper Canyon is a breath-taking train trip

Boarding the train in Los Mochis on the Western edge of Northern Mexico, this train trip covers 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. Some of the most astonishing train tracks in the world are on this route. Sit back and relax as you begin the climb into the Copper Canyon.

The entire route goes from Los Mochis to Chihuchua and crosses the Continental Divide 3 times. You need a lot of patience on this trip. The train does not keep a very good schedule and many things can delay it. On our trip it was a freight train that turned over and blocked the tracks as we sat on the station floor and waited. Communication is not very good.

Along the way, we stopped to allow a group of Terrahumara Indian ladies and girls to board. They dress in brightly colored skirts, layering one on top of another till they look like square dancers. Hanging off their arms are scores of woven baskets of all sizes and shapes. We had been told to bring a plastic bag to take our baskets home and now we know why. These amazing baskets are woven inside and outside. The ladies sit on the hot cement at the entrances to the hotels and weave their baskets. The little children from toddlers up kind of hang out with the women.

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