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National Parks


Have you seen the National Parks in the USA?

Most of us are focused on other destinations in the world and miss the most beautiful country in the world and the easies to visit. Here is our journey to 3 of the US National Parks.

We fly into Phoenix, Az., rent a car (which we upgraded to a luxury model and are so thankful we did), and our journey begins.

We are headed to Flagstaff for the first night. This was to be a quick 2+ hour drive. With 3 people giving the driver directions, it became over 4 hours. We discovered Phoenix has a freeway that circles the entire city-it really does. Oh well, we have time and have never done that before, so around we go!!

The next morning we are off to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Here are some tips for any National Park:

  • Buy a park pass. If you are a senior, it is a lifetime pass for $10 and allows 4 people access to any National Park. You will use it a lot.
  • Plan far enough ahead (at least a year) so you can stay IN any national park lodge. The accommodations may be rustic, but they fit the destination.
  • If you have a motorhome, you may not be able to take it in the park. Check ahead for restrictions.
  • When you enter any National Park, you are given a newspaper with the current events. Stop and read it. Then plan your visit to take in some of the Park R anger talks and or walks. You will get more from your visit.
  • Watch for animals. Don't be in a hurry. Dawn and dusk will be the best time for viewing. Pull over, stop and watch nature in the wild. Some people just go flying by and miss the whole adventure.
  • If shuttles are offered, take those as you will get narration you can't get any other way. Later you can drive back (if allowed) and spend more time.
  • If you are a hiker, find out the rules and regulations of the park and go prepared.

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