Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii


A stunning change has taken place in Waikiki

Our first trip to Hawaii was in 1982. Waikiki in those days had puka shell vendors on every corner, sidewalks so crowded you couldn’t move, no place on the beach for our mat and "girls of the night" up and down the streets. I can't believe it is the same place today. Now it is a wonderful to spend some time, not just connections at the airport to get to Paradise — Waikiki is part of Paradise.

The south end of Kalakaua Avenue is right across the street from the beach. There are no hotels on the beach in that area. We stayed at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort. The area is quiet and easy walking all along the beach. We could grab a picnic lunch at any ABC store and head into the sand and picnic tables. Even taking rolls and coffee over in the morning was a treat. In the evening there are concerts on the beach and lots of activities. The zoo is at this end of Waikiki.

The International Marketplace still has many kiosks for shopping and the banyan tree is still there. Lots of places to get inexpensive food. Here is where the hotels on the beach begin.

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