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Alaska, land of the midnight sun, polar bears, igloos and glaciers. What more could you ask for than a cruise like this? Well, believe it or not, there is more...Wonder at the immense size of this beautiful state. There are immense forests that stretch as far as the eye can see. The glaciers are awesome and unbelievable, as they grow and retreat in an endless transformation. [ Explore Alaska More ]

Sydney, Australia


The land down under "Australia"! Fly direct from Los Angeles to Sydney; have some good meals and watch a couple of movies on your flight and you're there. Take a tour or take a cruise to key destinations around the country. [ Explore Australia More ]

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Starting and ending in Barcelona gave us extra time to see this beautiful city. I was amazing at the different styles of this very old city. Be sure to leave time to see a Flamenco Show. But not just any show. My friend Eduardo Madrid booked us a dinner show that was phenominal. This was the crown to our wonderful stay in this magnificient city. [ Explore Barcelona, Spain More ]

Bruges, Belgium: UNESCO National Heritage Site


Belgium is on the way to France, Germany, Holland or anywhere else in Western Europe and you might fly over or pass by this wonderful little country and miss a charming experience. There is a lot of history here, but you can Google it for yourself. If you don’t get a guide for your trip, either for a day or the whole trip, you will miss the rich culture and explanation of the sites. [ Explore Belgium More ]

Copper Canyon, Mexico


Some years ago I was in China. I was with a group of travel agents touring many parts of the country as well as the Yangtze River. One day we were on the motorcoach driving out in the country. Altho we could not understand the conversation between the driver and guide, it was quite obvious we were lost. [ Explore China More ]

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Boarding the train in Los Mochis on the Western edge of Northern Mexico, this train trip covers 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. Some of the most astonishing train tracks in the world are on this route. Sit back and relax as you begin the climb into the Copper Canyon. The hotel you MUST stay at in Divisadero is Posada Barrancas. [ Explore Copper Canyon More ]

Abu Simbel, Egypt


Sometimes when visiting countries and hearing the tour guides telling about a particular event or site, I often wonder if this is true or if it is made up. But not in Egypt. From the time the royal child was born, a tomb was started with hieroglyphics on the walls of the events in that child’s life. The one place in the world where I felt they were telling the truth. [ Explore Egypt More ]

Greece: Thira in Santorini


Sometimes it seems the whole place has been devistated, many times. The Greeks care more for their past than fixing the horrible traffic problems today. Flying into Athens, you are struck with the mass of apartments covering every hill. A quick couple of days to see the Acropolis and the Plaka, and you are ready to find a quiet beautiful island with just you and the sea. Because of distances, you can fly between some. Others are ferry transfers from Pireus. [ Explore Greece More ]

Italy: Winery outside of Florence


AHH!! This is so nice. The beautiful Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas will carry us from France to Italy. A good dinner and wonderful night’s sleep as we let someone else do the driving. Morning comes and we have landed in Livorno. There are many choices of places to visit here, so the group are off on their own. Florence, Pisa, the wine country and Cinque Terre are all within reach of a one day tour. [ Explore Italy More ]

Kauai, Hawaii: Waimea Canyon Waterfall

Kauai, Hawaii

Has winter gotten a grip where you live? Where do you go to find sun and warm? Hawaii, of course. I have been 26 times to the tropical Paradise. But it has been 20 years since we went to Kauai. So, off we go. The Northern most island of the Hawaiian chain, Kauai is lush and very green. Typical of the islands, there is a dryer side and a wetter side. But on Kauai, wet is wetter than other islands. Lihue is at the southern tip of the island close to Poipu. [ Explore Kauai More ]

National Parks

National Parks, USA

Have you seen the National Parks in the USA? Most of us are focused on other destinations in the world and miss the most beautiful country in the world and the easies to visit. Experience the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Stop by to visit Sedona's amazing rock formations and enjoy a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad (Be sure you're in first-class with the wonderful couches, drinks and munchies!) to watch the scenery slip by. [ Explore National Parks More ]

New Zealand

New Zealand

When you arrive in Auckland, New Zealand from your International flight it's like arriving home. Before you even go through Customs, New Zealanders are welcoming you with a hot cup of tea right there in the terminal while you wait to speak with Immigration. What wonderful, friendly people. Although the "Kiwi" has been associated with New Zealand as the national bird; the one that is in most abundance is the "Kea". [ Explore New Zealand More ]

Oahu, Hawaii: Dive Trip - Diamond Head at Sunset

Oahu, Hawaii: Dive Trip

Our first trip to Hawaii was in 1982. Waikiki in those days had puka shell vendors on every corner, sidewalks so crowded you couldn’t move, no place on the beach for our mat and "girls of the night" up and down the streets. I can’t believe it is the same place today. Now it is a wonderful to spend some time, not just connections at the airport to get to Paradise – Waikiki is part of Paradise. [ Explore Oahu More ]

Paris, France: Venus de Milo


What can we say about Paris? It is everything you ever heard it was and then some. The only way to capture the true essence of Paris is to be there. The Eiffel Tower lit up at night will take your breath away. The sidewalk cafes invite you in to join them and the wonderful "Joie de Vivre" of the French culture. You won't believe the size of the Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre will have you in awe of the greatest works of our time. [ Explore France More ]

Machu Picchu, Peru


Sometimes in a lifetime of travel, there is a trip that is permantly burned in your memory, never ever to be forgotten. This is my trip to Peru. Come with me as we take this journey. We landed in Lima from Miami about 2 AM and were taken to the most beautiful hotel I had ever stayed in. We were given 2 hours to shower and meet in the lobby as we had to begin our journey right then.[ Explore Peru More ]

Rose Bowl/Rose Parade

Rose Bowl/Rose Parade

Isn’t it fun when you finally get to take that special trip you have been dreaming about for years? That is what just happened to my husband and I. We went to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California. For well over 50 years we have watched it on TV and said every year it would be fun to go. So this was the year. [ Explore the Rose Bowl/Rose Parade More ]

Bern & Lucerne, Switzerland


Switzerland felt like I had been there before because of all my reading. Where it borders on France, it has taken on the French culture. The same with Italy and Germany. The jewel lakes, majestic mountains, charming villages tucked away in the hillsides, and friendly people are evident in every area. I was so excited to be there I could hardly sleep. [ Explore Bern & Lucerne More ]

Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti


Tahiti is a honeymooner's paradise. It is lush and tropical with crystal clear water. The island of Bora Bora; about an hour's flight from the main island of Tahiti has several 'motus' (smaller island resorts) all around the main island. [ Explore Tahiti More ]

Safari in Tanzania: Lion Cub

Tanzania, Safari

The 3 areas we visited were the Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater. The migration from Kenya consists of Wildebeests and Zebra along with their predators. In one day, hundreds of zebra had had their babies. They are so cute as they kick up their heels and run. The wildebeests are also setting up their nurseries. A balloon ride over these vast plains is a "must do". [ Explore Tanzania More ]

Turkey: Library at Ephesus


With modern Istanbul as a starting point, you can visit the sites of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor at Pergamium, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Ephesus and Smyrna. There are tours of various lengths from a one day to Ephesus from a cruise ship to 16 day tour that includes some of Greece. From ancient history and archeology to modern jeep and horse safaris to nature tours and underwater adventures. The choices are numerous and fit everyone. [ Explore Turkey More ]

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

When you go to Vienna; you will experience great coffeehouses; fabulous food and the rich history of the Hapsburgs. Shoenbrun Palace is a short distance from the heart of the city and is a scaled down version of the Palace of Versailles in Paris, with the same opulence. Take the public transportation streetcars around the Ring Strasse which encircles the city center. You can hop on and hop off all day as you enjoy the sites of the city with the parliament buildings. [ Explore Vienna More ]